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Repaint History Call For Art, Spring 2022

Call For Art - Repaint History - all SHE makes - Gillian Jason Gallery
We at Repaint History are excited to announce the launch of the first round of our 2022 Call For Art in partnership with Gillian Jason Gallery and all SHE makes.

In the past year alone we have proudly raised more than $12,000 CAD in artist funding and have supported more than 30 artists. Our goal this year is to double this fund by the end of 2022.

 This artist fund is created with a single purpose – to support women artists by providing them with a financial incentive, resources and publicity.

 About the Call
  • The Fund: The starting prize in the amount of $3,450 CAD ( Increased from $2,000)  in partnership with all SHE makes will be shared between five or more artists (min. $625 per artist). To maximize the number of recipients and the size of the fund, 20% of each application fee will be contributed towards the total prize money.
  • Gallery Representation: One selected artist will receive gallery representation by our guest curator, Gillian Jason Gallery
  • Free Workshop: ALL applicants who have applied for the call are invited and enrolled in a free workshop hosted by our guest curator on "How to secure gallery representation" 
  • Repaint History Feature: All selected artists will be interviewed and featured as part of our popular "Artists We Love" series.
  • Free directory enrolment: All selected artists will be offered a free enrolment into the all SHE makes directory

Eligibility: Artists from across the globe are welcome to apply to this fund with works in any of the following medium: painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography, printmaking and more. No specific education is required. 

Application: To apply, submit your application form below. Make sure to include a link to your portfolio, your website, and social media accounts where you display and promote your work. The submissions will be evaluated by an international jury of curators, who will make the decision on the recipients of the fund. Learn more about our guest curators below.

Submission deadline: April 17, 2022

Announcement of the recipients: May 17th - May 26th (Exact date to be announced) 

*** Due to the high volume of submissions, our guest curators are continuing to deliberate on artists selection. We have now extended the announcement of the recipients to the following week, May 30th - June 10th. Please accept our apologies but stay tuned for the announcement ***

Application fee: $25 CAD (Approx $19 US)


Please fill out the application form below

*Only one submission per artist*

Meet Our Guest Curator and Funding Partner: 
Elli Jason Foster, Gillian Jason Gallery, London

Elli Jason Foster - Gillian Jason Gallery

Communicative and passionate, with a confident eye, Elli grew up around the gallery and draws inspiration from the understated feminism she witnessed in her mother Gillian Jason, as well as from her suffragette great-grandmother, besides the myriad harmonies she experiences while working with her daughter and their wide-ranging network of committed ambitious women. Proud to lead a gallery that contributes to raising awareness of diverse points of view, Elli brings 20 years’ experience working with creative minds in the film industry to her dynamic approach, both in tending to what artists have to say, and to how collectors combine works. The surprising conversations and new emotions that can emerge around challenging subjects through art are her motivating source.

Gillian Jason Gallery works with female and non-binary artists from across the generations to present engaging exhibitions about the most resonant ideas of our time. A combination of attuned cultural consciousness, people-first relationships, and a 40-year history of exhibiting work by pioneering artists, makes GJG a go-to reference point for those looking to support and collect art from beyond the white male canon that addresses today’s critical shifts.

 Svitlana Martynjuk, all SHE makes 


Svitlana Martynjuk is a Ukrainian-American social entrepreneur and artist who specializes in vibrant abstracts, still life, and draws inspirations from abstract expressionist movement, regarding the importance of feelings to be of significant creative interest. After moving to the USA, she completed her education in Fine Art, Psychology (B.A.), and Strategic Management (M.S.). Svitlana is the founder of All SHE Makes, an organization which focuses on increasing visibility of women artists internationally through a curated global directory and international art magazine.