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Repaint History Call For Art Fund Recipient: Börte İpek
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Repaint History Call For Art Fund Recipient: Börte İpek

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Börte İpek is an exciting artist born, raised and working in Istabul. 

Her incredible works explore individual and social memories; how they are shaped throughout time, space and it effects our vision for a lifetime.

İpek’s work is both fictional and expressive of the inner self, inviting the audiences to see the figures, the journey and narrative, and to follow them through time and space. The work revolves around human emotions, depicted uniquely in acrylics, gouache and watercolour. 

The works explore a variety and depth of brush strokes, painted expressively, shaping details of the work and inviting the viewers imagination to wander. 

Each spectator is encouraged to develop their own storylines for the subjects, utilising imagination and the artist’s initial ideas to explore with deeper observation. 

Borte Ipek
Studio, Image courtesy of the artist
Tell us bit about yourself

I’m Börte, born and raised in Turkey, I currently work from İstanbul as an artist. 

Borte Ipek
Dance_1, Image courtesy of the artist
How would you describe your artistic practice?

Human emotions , individual and social memory interests me. how it’s shaped throughout the time and how it effects on our vision for a lifetime. layers of colour and motion have a big impact on my work. I mostly use acrylics, gouache and watercolour.

Borte Ipek
Dance_2, Image courtesy of the artist
Tell us about an encounter with art that has shaped your practice.

It’s more bits of inspiration than an encounter. I’m always impressed by the technique, how every other artist uses paints and colours. It's so unique and personal. with every other work I encounter by observing a way another artist expresses themselves , every little brush movement becoming a whole new piece ,inspires me. 

Borte Ipek
NeonCat_1, Image courtesy of the artist
What has your experience been in terms of mentorship and a sense of community in the art world, particularly among women artists?

I feel lucky , it was amazing for me. From university to this day still I have people I trust and believe in. It is great to have this kind of support and opportunities in the art community.

Borte Ipek
NeonCat_2, Image courtesy of the artist
What challenges have you faced throughout your career as an artist?

I think the biggest challenge I still face the struggle to be seen. try to make it on your own in a big world without knowing where to start is very stressful. ıt’s a different journey for every other artist but opportunities are very limited. art world is a small community in the world and its even smaller in Turkey. maybe these times we live is also the reason but ıt’s hard to reach new people and make your works be seen. its even emotionally hard sometimes, feels like you are not going anywhere.

Borte Ipek
Studio_2, Image courtesy of the artist
What advice would you give to artists beginning their career?

Be unique at what you do, work hard and never give up.

Borte IpekNeonCat_3, Image courtesy of the artist
What would you change about the art world if you could?

I really wish it to be international. I would make it easier for all the artists around the world to exhibit their work all around the world, join group exhibitions and get more experience

Borte Ipek

Untitled_2, Image courtesy of the artist
How will the Repaint History fund support your career?

I’m going to use the money from this fund to invest in myself,  get myself new toys experiment. It’s uplifting to have support, and it motivates me. make good use of it!

Borte Ipek

Studio_3, Image courtesy of the artist
If you could own one artwork in the world, what would it be? 

It's really hard to pick one. many many ones in my mind right now but today I would pick Bosch-The Garden of Earthly Delights

Borte Ipek

Dance_3, Image courtesy of the artist
Who are your favourite women artists right now?

Karin Mamma Andersson, 

Cecily brown, 

Neşe Erdok