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About us!

Name three painters from the past?

We asked ourselves the very same question and all the artists that we could name were men. Is it possible that we didn't have any female artists in the past?

These were the questions that our founder Pegah Kargar was struggling with. So she decided to research the topic. She was astonished to find so many talented female artists and surprised that none of their names were household names.

Each of these women had their own unique story, they were all ahead of their time and had managed to make a name for themselves in their own era. Yet somehow history has failed to recognize them and pass their name to the next generation. 

Pegah thought this gap is unfair and thus Repaint History was born. She then partnered with her Co-founder Jessica Tan to join forces and launch Repaint History. 

At Repaint History, our mission is to bring recognition to forgotten female artists of the past through various mediums while supporting present and future artists to ensure this gap will not exist in the future. 

If you also feel that this gap is unfair then join us and let's #repainthistory