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Repaint History: So Who Are We?


Most of us recognize the names of famous artists like Picasso, Monet, Manet, and Michelangelo, but how many of us can name famous female artists who were these men’s counterparts? This question lies at the core of Repaint History’s mission: to shed light on the female artists that history has forgotten.

Repaint History began as a feeling. We wondered why we weren’t seeing more support of female artists in our community. We struggled to name a single female artist from the same historical times as the most well known male artists. And this made us feel unhappy. But more than that, this spurred us to action. We didn't want to wait for someone else to solve this problem: we want to take action ourselves in order to support the groundbreaking female artists of today while also bringing attention and recognition to  the female artists that were historically important but never became household names.

So we launched Repaint History! A female start-up that exists because of an abiding love for art and a strong desire to support women. At Repaint History, we are busy throwing events in support of past and present female artists (more about that in our next blog!), collaborating with local female artists AND working hard to get our first line of clothing launched (subscribe to get the first sneak peek!). We want to go beyond being a start-up to become the catalysts of a movement that celebrates forgotten female contributors across the globe.

Repaint History began when our founder Pegah Kargar started asking herself why she didn’t know of any past female artists. She started asking the same question of her friends and family and noticed she wasn’t alone. She got more curious to see if this issue and gap existed amongst a majority of people and to confirm her hypothesis, she decided to go on the street and interview people (video of the interview on our Home page!). It turned out that 99% of the people she interviewed struggled with recalling a famous female artist name and thus Repaint History was born! Pegah later partnered with her co-founder Jessica Tan to join forces in bringing this start-up to life.

We will share more of what we have been up to over the next few weeks, like our event to celebrate Artemisia Gentileschi’s birthday (the badass artist of the 17th century!) as well as our collaboration with Andrea Bolley, a talented Toronto based female artist and the #6mom on The Brain Project for Baycrest. Our next big move, and one that’s been a year in the making, is the launch of our t-shirt line in support of our mission (subscribe to find out more!)

If you want to repaint history with us, subscribe to our email list on our home page to get discounts, updates on upcoming events, campaigns, product launches, and collaborations with artists in our community. You can also post about female artists on social media using the hashtag #repainthistory to get the word out . Stay tuned!!!