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2018 Highlights: A Year in Review



A big thank you to our RH Community for supporting our mission – bringing recognition to forgotten female artists of the past, while supporting present and future artists to ensure the gender bias does not exist in the future.

2018 was a year of firsts for Repaint History, so many incredible firsts, that we had the privilege of sharing with you.

While the art world is making incredible strides to close the gender gap, a bias still exists. Together, our actions, conversations and even the clothes we wear carry an important message.

Let’s be the change and Repaint History together,

Pegah and Jess 



Launching our Fashion Line; including our signature Blouse Collection, T-shirts, candles and prints. All designed around our 3 guiding principles – Unique, Conversation Starter, and Educational.

Hosting Art Talks; most recently a sold-out evening at SOHO House Toronto as a prelude to the AGO’s “Impressionism in the Age of Industry” Exhibition. Panelists Christian Dare, AGO Curators, Sasha Suda and Caroline Shields discussed Feminism and Fashion through the unique lens of art.

Collaborating with local female artists to raise awareness & funds; we believe that efforts large and small make a world of difference. We had the privilege of working with Toronto artist Andrea Bolley on The Brain Project for Baycrest Centre, and with Keight MacLean to support her practice after a fire devastated her studio.

Giving back to Art Education; by contributing 5% of apparel sales to SKETCH Toronto. A platform for homeless and marginalized youth - fostering transformation through the arts and art education.

Growing our RH Community; and profiling more than 100 past and present female artists globally, by showcasing their work and bringing to their stories. Since officially launching in August 2018, Repaint History’s Instagram Account has captured an array of international attention including that of artists, celebrities and philanthropists.